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"The core beliefs we live by every day are that everyone has a place in the circle; everyone has gifts to offer; and collaboration is where the real magic happens!"  -Stormi and Shaun



Village Drum Circles Certified Facilitator

Music Medicine Certified Facilitator

HealthRHYTHMS Trained Facilitator

Shaun Phoenix is a licensed psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over thirty years.  She is also a writer, musician, ceremonialist/officiant, shamanic healing practitioner and mentor.  As a healer, her work focuses on moving beyond surviving to thriving.  Shaun has led many deeply moving women’s spirituality workshops and retreats for a variety of groups and experience levels.  Weaving together her interpersonal skills with her capacity to create safe and sacred space, Shaun is extremely effective at creating a coherent sense of connection and community where all feel welcome, heard and supported.

Shaun’s love of drumming began decades ago as she explored and deepened in ecstatic drumming practice, diving into the drumbeat which supports the trance state so essential to shamanic healing work.  A musician and songwriter since childhood, Shaun has been a passionate African hand drummer for more than twenty years, and continues to learn and deepen in her musical practices.



Village Drum Circles Certified Facilitator
Music Medicine Certified Facilitator
HealthRHYTHMS Trained Facilitator
Drum Circle Facilitator's Guild Member

Stormi Oshun is a native northwesterner.  She grew up in Wenatchee, Washington and settled in Spokane for almost thirty years before relocating to Bozeman, Montana.  Her nearly twenty years as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools honed her skills in engaging youth in positive and productive ways.  With her expertise in special education, she excelled in working with team members from a variety of backgrounds and agendas to create positive win-win outcomes for all.   

Stormi began learning African hand drumming as a young adult, and pursued her passion for drumming with instruction in various rhythms of the world.  On a whim to enliven Spokane's Gay Pride Parade, she offered to bring a marching band –- a moment of divine intervention as she had zero experience in marching bands and almost no formal musical training.  The Result?  The creation of the vibrant and joyful "Giant Ass Drum Corps" (GADC), a women's bucket-drumming brigade that regaled Pride and other festivities throughout the Northwest.  Stormi led the GADC for eleven riotous years before collaborating with Shaun to create a similar group, Chicks With Sticks, in Bozeman.  For six years, Chicks With Sticks was a popular feature at social justice and women’s empowerment events statewide.

Both Shaun and Stormi are members of Yamama!, an all-woman World Rhythm and Dance ensemble based in Bozeman, as well as the Bozeman chapter of the Montana Women's Chorus.

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