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Many Hands invites YOU to come drum with US!

All over the world, when people want to feel connected and grow community, they gather in a circle.  In a circle, everyone is equal; everyone takes up the same amount of space; everyone can be seen, and heard, and honored.

And all over the world, people drum!  In so many forms, drumming is that universal language that connects us with one another and with the heartbeat of our community.  We discover our own inner rhythms, share them in harmony with others, and create something magical. 

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Whether you've been drumming for years, or months, or have never touched a drum ... you are welcome here.

Whether you want to bring your drum or your rattle or your bells and whistles, or whether you come empty handed ... you are welcome here.

Whether you are sad or happy or angry or timid or courageous ... you are welcome here.

"The positive energy, your enthusiasm and facilitation, being able to be with strangers in a way that builds connections without stress or pressure."

-Kyndra N., engineer


We will travel, including internationally, to teach or perform at workshops and retreats.

Our professional backgrounds in psychotherapy and speech-language pathology, combined with our credentials as Certified Village Drum Circles, Music Medicine and HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitators, inspire us to design uniquely creative, relevant and nurturing presentations and performances.

"Thank you for continuing to be such a great supporter of Girls for a Change -- your workshop is so loved, and we are so grateful that you continue coming back!"

- Conference Coordinator, Girls for a Change

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Make your next corporate event, dinner, training or conference a memorable one!  

Drumming circles are one of the oldest and most universal community building activities since humans first needed "community" to survive and thrive!

Our interactive drumming experience is a fun, powerful and effective way to build community in your organization.  Each person gets a drum, and learns to work in harmony with the team.

Entertaining... Energizing... Profound!

build teams * unite departments * break down barriers * motivate staff * inspire creativity * improve communication 

laugh * reduce stress * relax


A baby is born; a couple is wed; a new business launches; a community needs to come together.  We honor and celebrate all the ways humans move from one life stage to another.  For rites of passage large or small, Shaun and Stormi can create a beautiful one-of-a-kind ceremony which will foster deepening and connection for everyone involved.

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Stormi and Shaun offer instruction in beginning to intermediate hand drumming and percussion in a variety of World Music styles with rhythms and influences from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and beyond!  They emphasize both culturally-specific traditional rhythms and accurate technique.  Instruction is available in ongoing classes for groups, as well as one-on-one lessons for individuals.

Learn techniques specific to your drum to help it "sing" while practicing rhythms found in many cultures and styles of music.  We'll help you express your own authentic voice on the drum!

"Thank you so much for being the 'beat and rhythm' for drumming class.  You are amazing with your drumming skills, but also your totally fun and free attitude. Being in your space is energizing and at the same time relaxing."

- Diana S., stay-at-home mom


Shaun uses the Harner Method Shamanic Counseling protocol to train individuals in basic cosmology and techniques of core shamanic journeying.  This style of shamanic journeying is ideal for divination, or asking for guidance and support around important life issues.  She also provides ongoing mentoring for beginning shamanic practitioners, and offers a monthly circle for journeyers to practice, share, learn and connect with like-minded souls.

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Yes indeed, drumming on five-gallon plastic buckets!  It's joyful, unexpected and surprisingly musical.

Enliven and draw attention to your event -- Shaun and Stormi provide the equipment and facilitation to get your event attendees up and drumming simple, ear-catching rhythms that can't be ignored.

Break the ice at any gathering -- corporate, business, public or private.  Smiles, laughter and lasting memories are guaranteed!

"I wanted to let you know that upon my return from my conference, all I heard was how much fun our residents had learning how to bucket drum!  Our team members loved it as well!  I want to book you ladies again!!!!  So, I was wondering when you would be returning to Wenatchee?"

-Kristi Wolf, Activities Director, Highgate Senior Living-Wenatchee

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